Blueprint 3D is puzzle game for iPhone/iPad developed by Kostya Stankevych, published by FDG Entertainment. I created all game backgrounds, illustrations for Trophies and Achievements sections. I also created some illustrations for game levels (for Xmas, Animal, Music Intruments and Halloween packs). That was a gigantic challenge for me, but the process also was also very interesting and inspiring.
Some illustrations from the ingame Trophy room
Achievements icons
Blueprint 3D has dozens of Achievements a player can receive
Illustrations for game levels
Some of game level packs are using my graphics. Those level packs are Xmas, Animals, Music Instruments and Halloween. The other levels were created not by me, but other talented artists. Here some of my levels:
The Animal pack
The Music Instruments pack. One of the favorite moments of the project is working on these illustrations.
The funniest part. The Halloween levels
There are a lot of types of rulers and pencils in the game. 
The background for Military level pack
The background for HiTech level pack
The background for SciFi level pack
The background for Animal level pack
The background for Music Instruments level pack
The background for My levels pack
The background for Downloaded levels pack
The funniest artwork was created for the Halloween level pack
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