I've designed a cover art for the book Swiss Life: 30 Things I Wish I'd Known, written by american writer Chantal Panozzo. The original part of the design are special bookmarks that expand the space of the cover and create a visual game. The idea of the bookmarks is originated from my famous concept called Jackets+Bookmark, you might see it in various design oriented blogs few years ago.
Swiss Life: 30 Things I Wish I’d Known is a collection of both published (The Christian Science Monitor, National Geographic Glimpse, Chicken Soup for the Soul Books, and Brain, Child) and new essays in which Chantal discovers that no matter how hard she wills her geraniums to cascade properly, she will never be a glamorous American expatriate—or Swiss
To express the main subject of the book a very vivid metaphore was chosen. The titanic efforst of the main protagonist were illustrated by utilizing an image from the legend about Sisyphus. A person is trying to climb a huge rock on a top of the mountain. Instead of the rock I used an image of a head of cheese. The mountain itself is similiar to a mountain Matterhorn, which one of the natural symbols of the Switzerland
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