Progressbar95 is a unique nostalgic game. It turns vintage GUI elements like panels, buttons and icons into game elements! Fights againts virtual office assistans, calculators, annoying pop-ups and maddening visual glitches. You need to fill the progress bar to win. Move your progress bar with your mouse to fill it faster, get points, obtain upgrades to make your virtual computer faster and more powerful! It seems simple at first. But it might be harder to master. Powerful retro time killer.
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Progressbar95 Game Features:
- Simple and addictive gameplay
- Original and creative game modes
- Built-in text-based adventure based on DOS
- Tons of secrets and Easter eggs for players to search for
- A powerful system of upgrades, turn your 386 PC into a supercomputer!
- About 20 systems to unlock (from PB-DOS Shell to Progressbar 1X)
- A digital pet in a form of a trash bin you have to feed to get bonuses
- Original soundtrack by Gemfire including PC-speaker and MIDI-mixes
- Achievements and missions
Progressbar95 systems:
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